Bringing ideas together

Mirage Creates Missions are co-collaborative, time-boxed workshops designed to develop winning strategies, generate big ideas and solve problems lightning fast. Each Mission offered is facilitated by experienced Guides, and meet the following framework:

Length: 6-8 hours

Location: Onsite, offsite and virtual options available

Final decision-makers (up to 8 people)

A summary report, our insights and next-step recommendations

Starting at $20,000

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Zero2Hero Brandsformation

Mission: Origin Story*

Every hero needs a backstory to define their existence. We dive deep into your company’s core to discover what you do, how you do it differently, and why you do it at all. The result sets an infinite course for future success.
• define purpose
• imagine future
• determine mission
• identify core values
• recognize ideal customer
• weigh archenemies
• develop superpower

*Prerequisite for all Zero2Hero Brandsformation Missions.

Mission: Hero Identity

A hero should look, sound and act the part. Through verbal and visual design, we humanize your brand by giving it a unique personality which will resonate with your ideal audience.
• establish hero archetype
• determine tone of voice
• create core message framework
• craft storytelling framework
• choose color palette
• select typography
• set graphics and image style

Mission: Trusted Sidekicks

Employees are the most important asset a hero can have. We work with your staff to create a workplace culture that inspires, motivates and empowers each member, and genuinely excites them to deliver on your brand promise.
• establish hero values
• define sidekick role
• clarify hero culture
• map current culture
• design future state
• establish identity symbols
• co-create a culture book

Mission: Fandom Experiences

The biggest decision-maker in a business is the customer, and every interaction is an opportunity to WOW them with your brand essence. We explore each touchpoint on the customer journey and create experiences to turn them into super fans.
• create customer personas
• identify motivations
• analyze pain points
• map customer journey
• review existing touchpoints
• scout new opportunities
• maximize moments of truth

Creative Thinking and Innovation

Mission: Conquering Kryptonite

NEW! Even the strongest heroes face challenges which require an outsider’s perspective. We use creative problem solving to help you tackle a critical issue that needs a solution or address a weighty decision that requires an immediate resolution.
• define the problem
• identify objectives
• develop a facilitation guide
• set a creative environment
• engage in brainstorming exercises
• interact with stimulus materials
• pinpoint most viable solutions

Mission: Imaginovation

NEW! If your company isn’t innovating, it’s dying. We believe it’s critical to apply new, creative ideas to a business model for improvement in positioning, processes and offerings. We use the power of “What if…?” to help you do just that.
• unique, creative environment
• experienced “facilicreators”
• fresh, outsider perspectives
• focused, dedicated objective
• fearless mindset
• fun, entertaining role playing
• interactive exercises