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Mirage Creates is a collective of independent-but-aligned members—seasoned brand and marketing professionals—who come together to solve specific client challenges. Our mission is to elevate businesses through creative strategy. We assemble experts in ideation, innovation, branding, marketing, human resources and other specializations to create the perfect team for your company’s needs.

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Born from a change in the philosophy of traditional mar-com agencies, we strive to be an input agency. When a potential client asks if we can create a mobile app, our answer isn’t, “Yes! We’ll send you a proposal.” We respond, “What problem are you trying to solve, and is this the best tactic to solve it?” Challenging assumptions provides clarity and reduces risk for all parties.

Over the years, we have evolved into a co-collaborative style of creating with clients. Only you know your business inside and out. We leverage that knowledge by working directly with your leadership team every step of the way. The time and money saved using this approach is priceless.

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A media-neutral, transformative idea that bridges the gap between business strategy and creative thinking and results in a breakthrough solution

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